AST Skater Spotlight Series – Meet Magda

Our Adults Skate Too Skater Spotlight Series is a bi-weekly blog where you get to know your fellow adult skaters from all over the world! For our next edition, you will get to meet Magda! She’s a cosmetologist student who is self-taught figure skater and roller skater from Poland! After seeing Disney on Ice, she was hooked and had to get on the ice. Read more about her favorite on ice moments, advice, and more!

AST Skater Spotlight Series - Meet Magda 1

What’s your name? Where are you from? What do you do for a living?

My name is Magda (@_stasixx), and I’m from Cracov in Poland. I’m studying Cosmetology daily, working in Roller Rink and teaching adults, teens and kids there dance and figure skating. And finally, I’m self-taught, adult inline and ice figure skater.

What’s your story? How did you get into figure skating?

I got into figure skating about 3,5 years ago when I was 17. I went on “Disney on Ice show” and fall in love again in this sport. Also because of that Outdoor Ice Rink was building 3 minutes way from my home, I have decided that I need to go skating and follow my dream from childhood. I got for Christmas the simplest pair of skates and I went skating… This how it begun 🙂 After few months I have bought my first professional skates and started to learn figure skating seriously. Interesting fact is that I’m 100% self-taught skater, because I didn’t had money for club or coach these days.

What does your skating schedule look like?

When I was skating at Ice Rink it was like 7/8h per week but skating only at public skating sessions. Now I’m skating inline and preparing from Nationals and International Competition and I’m training like 15/17h per week 🙂

What has been the most rewarding or exciting moment in your skating career?

There were 2 moments:
First one when I got second place at my first competition. This was so rewarding because I was a beginner Self-taught figure skater and I was convinced that without coach I have no chances, but I had. From this time I believed more in myself!
Second, when I have landed my first Axel! I think it’s special moment for all skaters, and it was also the same for me. This jump has opened new ways in my skating life.

What was the most difficult moment of your skating career and how did you overcome it?

I hadn’t got really difficult moment in my skating career but always really sad for me was, when I was trying to prepare myself for competition (on ice) and hadn’t got any space for it. I was able to do all elements but I always run my whole routine for the FIRST time during competition, and I had problem to skate it clean. Also bleeding from nose didn’t help. Now when I skate inline I’m happy with my programs because I’m always quite good prepared.

What’s your favorite element to practice?

I love jumps! I feel like I’m flying ! I can practice them all training and forget about other things. Especially my favorite jump is Axel <3

What’s your favorite off-ice exercise to practice?

I really like practices rotation and jumps exercises when I do Off-ice. Now I’m trying to get 2,5 rotation but it’s so hard haha. Also spinning on spinner is a lot of fun but I’m weak in it.

How has skating impacted your life?

Figure skating has changed my life so much. I’m different person physically and mentally. I have learned that to achieved something you must be patient and unstoppable. But the biggest change is that skating is over half of my life: I’m training it, teaching others, working in Roller Rink , think about it almost all time and trying to run my Instagram that inspire and show others to not give up! Big part of my life is just connect with skating!

What’s the best advice your coach has given you?

I have a special coach… myself. And the best advice he gave me is “Don’t stop till you get it, but remember to do in the best way as you can”

What’s your advice for other adult skaters out there?

Never stop dreaming and remember that “If you can dream, it you can do it”! No matter how old are you, how rich you are or do you have club or not,  remember that hard work on your own and doing something again and again and again is the clue. You will achieve everything but try hard, be patient….but the most important thing is you need to do it with PASSION and LOVE to this beautiful sport!

Photo Credit: @annasekowskafoto

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