My Love of Skating

Welcome to my 1st blog post. My name is Cathy. I began my skating journey 22 years ago (1997) in Albany, NY. I enrolled in the ISI learn to skate program after several years of wanting to try skating. I was inspired by Kristi Yamaguchi & Brian Boitano in the Olympics. I completed the 4 level program & started with some private lessons before my family & I moved to Atlanta. Before I left though I got to compete in my 1st competition. I had no competitor but wow what a rush I had the nerves / excitement. I moved several months later to Atlanta & took a user off from skating. I wanted to return to lessons but was fearful of picking a new coach. I trusted my old Coach & how would I feel with a new one. I decided that going back to group lessons would be a good idea & then maybe I would find a private Coach then. The new rink in Alpharetta GA used USFSA leveling so I starting in an adult group basic 7/8-freestyle 1. I was more fearful than ever before & only skated once a week. I didn’t have the same happy feeling I had before. It was like I was just skating to skate. In 2002 I got into a car accident & had to stay off the ice for a few months. I spent the next several years skating once a year with my neice. I took ballet/jazz classes for about 9 years. One day I decided to go skating & while I was there I saw an old friend there who’s daughter was taking private lessons with a coach. She gave me his number. I kept the number for several weeks before I actually called him. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to return. I finally got up the nerve to call the coach & immediately we clicked. I set up a Saturday lesson & I was hooked. I unfortunately had a bad fall after my 5th lesson & fractured my wrist. I was off the ice for nine weeks & missed skating so much. I returned after nine weeks with lots of fear but worked through it. I competed in my first competition after 6 months. I skated just once a week for 6 months & then went to 2 lessons per week. After 1 year I went to freestyle sessions & started skating 6 days a week. I compete regularly & recently added another coach to work with me on spins. I’m currently competing at pre-bronze. I’m skating up a level since I haven’t tested yet. I will test once I can get three rotations on my spins. 😊 My next blog post: Why I love IJS!

XOXO Cathy

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